Changes in food intake and life style in recent time has led to unhealthy body and mind with numerous diseases and disorders. The major reason for such human health is unbalanced and inadequate nutritional, mainly deficiencies of vitamins and trace minerals. The World Health Organization reports says about 30 percent of world population is suffering from iron deficiency, one third of children suffer from Vitamin A deficiency, about 8.5 percent get diagnosed with diabetes. Heart disease continues to be a primary cause of death in most of the developing countries worldwide, followed by cancer and many others caused by improper nutrition.

Nutraceutical health products have not only helped in reducing the risk of cancer, heart diseases and other related ailments, but also prevented high cholesterol, excessive weight, osteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis, macular degeneration, cataracts, menopausal symptoms, diminishing memory and digestion issues. Now with growing life expectancy and health awareness people are concern about fulfilling nutritional requirements for healthy life. This has opened new avenues for nutraceutical dietary supplements and functional food all around the world.

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