Gut Health

Dietary recommendation to prevent Constipation At the very least, constipation is uncomfortable, and sometimes it can be downright painful.  Plenty of fiber, fluids, and exercise can help keep bowel movements regular. And for those times when you need some gentle assistance, natural supplements might be the answer. Bowel habits can vary widely from person to … Continue reading Gut Health

Bone Health

Osteoporosis Resulting in many thousands of bone fractures each year, osteoporosis, which is characterized by a loss of bone density, can be prevented. The earlier in life you begin to address the problem, the better your chances of avoiding broken bones and pain later on. What it is Osteoporosis derived from the Latin for porous … Continue reading Bone Health

Eye Health

Dietary recommendation to prevent cataracts Half the people over the age of 50 and three-quarters of those over 75 develop cataracts. The eye’s lens is normally transparent; it refracts and focuses light on the retina, which allows a clear image to form. When the proteins in the lens break down, they clump together and form … Continue reading Eye Health