Contract Manufacturing

RAALI HEALTH INC. offers more than 15 years of experience as a contract manufacturer. We specialize in creating unique formulations based on customer requirements in private labels. All the products are manufactured at our WHO–GMP certified world-class facility based in India. You have wide options to customize product presentation, raw material specifications & sources, size, shape, and color as well dosage form (tablet, capsule, powder & liquid) as per your need.

Based on our long experience and standing of contract manufacturing we have selected trusted raw material suppliers. To ensure the quality and purity, every ingredient goes through a full quality control check cycle.

Advantages of RAALI Health

  • Regulatory support by expert team.
  • Customised solutions at every step.
  • Use of the latest machinery and technology in the industry.
  • Quality Control & Quality Assurance team to monitor every step of the manufacturing process as per international standards.
  • Product manufacturing as per pharmaceutical standards & quality.
  • Cost advantage due to Bulk production and Indian base.

Manufacturing Process

For manufacturing in private label either you can provide us with a formulation that you require or we can help you to come up with the right formulation for your desired product. We also have ready to go formulations that you can choose from our list. Raali health has its own team of expert for the entire packaging design process including custom design and printing as per the customer’s choice. We have technology and expertise to provide final product as per your expectation including shape, size, colour, taste etc.

With stored supplies of most of the raw materials and easy accessibility to a range of exotic raw materials we can ensure that your product is manufactured, packed and shipped without any delay. Every step of product formulation is carried out as per GMP guidelines. Food grade superior quality packaging material is used and packing line is supervised by expert for product integrity.

Whether you are new to the business or you are just looking for a better manufacturer, Raali Health Inc. is always ready to provide you with all the expertise you may require. Contact us to further discuss the business opportunity.