About Us

Raali Health Inc. is a Canadian company registered under Canadian Business Corporations Act (CBCA). We specialize in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products where our priority is to satisfy our customers nutritional needs and help them lead a nutritious life. We are actively engaged in manufacturing and marketing of Nutraceutical health products in Romania, Cambodia, Yemen etc. For cost advantage our associated company, Hiral Labs Ltd, WHO GMP certified plant is situated in India.

In the nutraceutical section, our aim to fulfill your life’s daily nutrition needs to periodic necessity of supplementation with high quality products. All the available food supplements and vitamins are 100% genuine and every product manufactured adheres to strict GMP and FDA standards.

Your health is important to us, we look forward in helping you achieve the healthy lifestyle you deserve, through our health care products.


    Nutrition for Entire Family



    Gut Health

    Dietary recommendation to prevent Constipation At the very least, constipation is uncomfortable, and sometimes it can be downright painful.  Plenty of fiber, fluids, and exercise can help keep bowel movements

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    Bone Health

    Osteoporosis Resulting in many thousands of bone fractures each year, osteoporosis, which is characterized by a loss of bone density, can be prevented. The earlier in life you begin to

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    Eye Health

    Dietary recommendation to prevent cataracts Half the people over the age of 50 and three-quarters of those over 75 develop cataracts. The eye’s lens is normally transparent; it refracts and

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    Brand Philosophy

    Our success is strongly rooted in our belief of :


    Scientifically Researched Formula

    Our product formulations are scientifically well-researched and manufactured in a WHO-GMP-certified manufacturing plant.


    Best Quality Ingredients

    The ingredients used in our products are tested at each level of the manufacturing process, in order to serve the best quality product to you.

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    Best Prices

    Being the manufacturer ourselves, we make sure to provide the products at the most affordable price to our customers.